iAproductions Regional/National Production Credits

These are just some of our Regional and National production credits:

Service Client Project
Production Support Thirties Film and Video, Nashville TV Spots
Cinematography “Strangest Dreams” and “Chillers” Feature Films
Direction/Production Kamber Group, Washington, D.C. Issue TV Spots
Production Management NBC TV Network/Bongiovanni & Anlauf Prod., LA, CA TV Spots
Production Management Kingfisher Films, Colombia, SC TV Spots
Production Management Independent Artists/Columbia Pictures, NY TV Spots
Gaffer AT&T Communications, Bedminster, NJ Industrial Video
Production and Post Abernathy & Mitchell, Washington, DC. TV Spot
Videography/Sound Du Pont External Affairs Dept. Wilmington, DE Industrial
Production Support/Videography/Sound Cinemark Productions, Chicago Documentary
Videography/Sound Crews Control, Washington, DC. Various ENG Assignments for Network, Cable and Industrial Clients.
Videography/Sound Assignment Desk, Chicago Various ENG Assignments for Network, Cable and Industrial Clients.
Videography/Sound The Golf Channel Sam Sneed Documentary
Videography/Sound Extra Multiple assignments
Videography/Sound The History Channel, LA Hatfield and McCoy Documentary
Production Support/Videography/Sound Tatum, Toomey, Whicker, Highpoint, N.C. Weyhaeuser Industrial
Videography/Sound Roxy Films, NY, NY Documentary
Videography McDonald Davis Advertising, Milwaukee, WI TV Spot
Videography/Sound News Odyssey, Nashville, TN Documentary News Feature
Production Support/Videography/Sound Politics Inc. Washington, DC. TV Spots
Videography/Sound DJW Television, Washington, DC. Documentary
Videography/Sound NBC Real Life, Boston, MA News Feature
Production Support/Videography/Sound Producer’s Resource Center, Jacksonville, FLA
Production Support/Videography/Sound David Elliot Productions, NY, NY Industrial
Videography/Sound Publisher’s Clearinghouse, N.J.
Videography/Sound Brook Lapping Productions Limited, London Discovery Channel Documentary
Videography/Sound Dateline, LA, CA news feature “Whistle Blowers
Videography/Sound Spectrum Media, Washington, DC Documentary
Post Production Mountain Media Partners 1 hour PBS documentary “Live Younger Longer
Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted three state kidnapping spree
Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted murder in the hills
Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted sniper shootings
Aerial Videography ABC News Jessica Lynch/Dianne Sawyer Primetime Special
Videography/Sound TopSpin Creative Corp. NY, NY Mothman News Magazine Feature/Japanese TV
Field Producer/Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted Djusberg Capture
Videography/Sound Pepsi Smash/Tenth Planet Productions LA, CA Kid Rock Bio
Production Support McCarthy, Marcus, Hennings, LTD Political TV spots
Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted Kayla Lasalle Escape/Capture
Production Support Issue & Image, Alexandria, VA PhRMA/Rx for West Virginia TV spot
Videography/Sound HBO Real Sports wt. Byant Gumble Segment on Teen Sports Injuries
Videography/Sound HBO Real Sports wt. Byant Gumble Segment on Home School Sports
Videography/Sound Ironbound Films/Cisco/Crews Control video for new product release
Production Support Engram Productions, Tampa Florida crew and equip for industrial
Production Support Triage Productions/ABC America’s Scariest Places
Director/DP Massey Energy, Richmond, VA 3 High Definition TVC’s
Director/DP Pennsylvania Medical Institute 2 High Definition TVC’s
Videography/Sound Entertainment Tonight/Insider 5 part series package
Akerman McQueen Advertising/PR Video for Chesapeake Energy
Videography/Sound Tommorow Media San Francisco interviews
Videography/Sound Irish TV news package
Videography/Sound Choice Hotels/Crews Control
Videography/Sound America’s Most Wanted Anthony Artrip serial bank robber
Videography/Sound Federal Express/Crews Control internal video
Videography/Sound Homefront/Ketcham communications/Crews Control
Videography/Sound American Trucking Association/Crews Control
Videography/Sound Broadcast News with Peggy Flemming
Videography Authentic Entertainment/The Learning Channel “Tots and Tiaras”
Videography/Sound Entertainment Tonight/The Insider 3 part series
Videography/Sound US Chemical Safety Board/Crews Control
Videography/Sound Sefcik Productions/Crews Control
Videography/Sound Discovery Channel, Canada science and dynamics of base jumping
Videography/Sound Discovery Channel Military Snapshots – Black Hawk Helicopters
Videography/Sound CSX Transportation corporate video
Videography/Sound/Production Support Lamport/Sheppard Entertainment, Canada Psychic Investigators
Videography/Sound Siemens, USA Corporate video
Videography/Sound Websedge, London video profile
Production/Post Qorvis Communications, Washington, DC 8 TV spots
Videography/Sound Parker Hannifin Corp., Ohio corporate video
Videography/Sound Rohrer Film & Video, Montana corporate video
Videography/Sound Discovery Channel, Canada feature segment – Aerial fire analysis
Production Services Tupelo-Honey Productions, NY/Travel Channel Ghost Adventures Live
Videography/Sound Red Rocket Studios, Grand Rapids Michigan Corporate Video
Aerial Video AEP/Appalachian Power
Videography/Sound/Production Support PWG Communications/Subway corporate
Production Support Troy Dick Producer US Congress spots
Production Services Steven David Entertainment/History Channel Men Who Built America
Production Support Struble Eichenbaum, D.C. Political spots
Production Services Scrappy Cat Productions, LA Feature Film – Angel’s Perch
Videography Aries Productions, Arlington Texas Surgical procedures for corporate client.
Production Services Thinkfactory, LA Hatfields & McCoys reality series
Production Services Steven David Entertainment/History Channel The Wars
Videography/Sound Medtronic Surgical procedure/interview
Videography/Sound Discovery Channel, Canada 3 feature segments