Gimbal Camera Videography

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iAproductions is fully equipped to provide a DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal, the Axis 1 follow focus from Hocus Products,  the Tilta Armor Man 2 gimbal support vest, a SmallHD 702 Bright monitor and a DJI Lightbridge wireless video transmitter.

Our DJI Ronin 3-axis brushless gimbal has been enhanced with extension arms to allow for greater flexibility in camera mounting.  We can outfit the Ronin gimbal with one of our three cameras, the Sony FS-7, the Sony EXR1 or the Canon 5D, or we can rent the camera of your choice or you can bring your own.  Some physical restrictions apply to the use of long lenses or heavy bodies cameras.  Please contact us for a consultation.

The DJI Ronin 3-axis brushless gimbal provides a flexible platform that can serve a variety of shooting needs.  It provides image stabilization and smooth movement with a single operator, effectively replacing the need for a complicated dolly or slider set up.  Focus can be controlled by that operator as he monitors his shot on the SmallHD 702 Bright video monitor by way of the Hocus Products Axis 1 Thumb Roller.  The Tilta Armor Man 2 keeps the operator from tiring an keeps the camera and the rig safe from accidental drops. An operator secured to the bed of a truck, UTV or other moving vehicle can serve as a replacement for a car mount.  The unit can also be independently suspended from a crane, pole or tree and operated remotely from the ground.

For better control in complex shots, a second team member can pull focus using the Hocus Products Axis 1 remote control while watching a remote monitor via DJI Lightbridge or other wireless transmitter. A third operator can also be added for complete independent control of the camera's pan, tilt and zoom. 

The DJI Ronin offers a more flexible and cost effective solution versus traditional Steadicam rigs and operators.

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4K Online Edit Suite

Image Associates post facilities include a Non Linear Editing System and two graphics workstations. All Editing is performed in our newly remodeled spacious and comfortable suite in the Fifth Third Bank Building in downtown Charleston.

Production Services

Gimbal Camera Videography

Photo Oct 11 12 40 35 Pm

iAproductions is fully equipped to provide a DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal, the Axis 1 follow focus from Hocus Products,  the Tilta Armor Man 2 gimbal support vest, a SmallHD 702 Bright monitor and a DJI Lightbridge wireless video transmitter. (more…)

Video Production Services

IMG_0095 iAproductions has created quality film and high-definition video productions for advertising agencies, independent producers and broadcast and cable networks around the world, earning over twenty International Telly Awards and Addy Awards – including Best of Show. (more…)

Post Production

IMG_0156iAproductions offers editing and post services, whether we shoot your project or not.  We edit on a Final Cut Pro X Non-Linear Editing system with an Promise Raid storage system capable of editing full length projects in 4K Ultra High Definition. (more…)


IMG_0102Whether your project requires 2D or 3D, titles or characters, cartoons or special effects, or advanced compositing and transitions, Image Associates can provide. (more…)

Video Distribution

Your project is digitally shot and digitally edited. All of our distribution methods remain digital as well. Whether uploading to YouTube or sending to media outlets, iAproductions maintains the highest quality video pipeline. (more…)

William F. Hogan

Bill Hogan has developed advertising strategies and creative content for scores of successful advertising and public relations campaigns since cofounding Image Associates/iAproductions in 1986. Hogan is an accomplished copywriter and commercial director. He develops most of the agency’s creative product and regularly produces magazine and newspaper ads, television commercials, and long form videos for corporate, industrial, and institutional clients across the Mid-Atlantic region. His broadcast work has won 19 TELLY awards since 1996 and numerous ADDY awards. He studied Art and Filmmaking at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago.

Hogan came to iAproductions after spending 15 years with the WVU-Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center where he served as Graphic Arts Coordinator. The experience of working with hundreds of physicians and health care professionals has given him unique insight into the time demands of this professional group as well as their specific needs.

Sharon A. Harms

With over twenty-five years as a graphic artist and art director, as well as performing on-set makeup duties, Sharon Harms brings a wealth of experience to iAProductions. Her award-winning work has appeared in consumer magazines, trade publications, and major newspapers. Her illustrations are also in national distribution by paper product manufacturers like Hallmark and Bright of America. Before joining iAproductions, Harms studied commercial art at the American Academy of Art and fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago and has served as an art director for the Chicago Tribune, Conners Publishing, Newman Studios, Remax Studios, NuArt Greetings, and TAG Architects.

C. Carl Varney

Carl Varney joined iAproductions in April, 1999, bringing with him over fifteen years of computer graphics experience. While working at the Art Studio of Nashville, he received recognition for his work in promoting the Tennessee State Museum. Since joining Image Associates, he has provided design and artistic services in the areas of print media, video production and animation, packaging, trade show and interactive digital media, including Web site design. He has designed web sites since the early days of the World Wide Web for companies and organizations in such diverse fields as medical equipment manufacturing, chocolate gift package sales, attorneys, health care facilities, and state government. He attended Northwestern University where he studied theatrical design and fine art and Nossi College of Art in Nashville where he received a graphic design and commercial art degree. He serves as VFX producer on all iAproductions projects.

Brooke Lewis

Brooke Lewis is the producer and office manager for iAProductions. She coordinates all aspects of our shoots, and maintains logistical control on the set. Brooke studied at West Virginia State University earning her Masters in Media Studies. Presently she uses that knowledge and experience to organize, manage and streamline any and all accounts while utilizing her interpersonal skills to smooth out transactions.

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ENG Services

Equipment Rental

iAproductions offers rentals of some of our equipment for local productions.

Contact us if you are interested in Grip Truck rental

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